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Recently was questioned on what would be a good way to start flexing the skills for development in UI for a beginner. Having mentored UI developers, who just started on the learning journey in the past, wanted to list out a few learnings and tips.

Prerequisite:- Create a GitHub repo…

So recently someone asked me the differences between SpringData, JPA, and Hibernate. so I decided to quickly summarize some common definitions, testing code, and config I have used in the recent past.

JPA :- The Java Persistence API, sometimes referred to as JPA, is a Java framework managing relational data…

The way I got the family to communicate more effectively.

Let us picture this. A family life consisting of busy parents handling demanding jobs with career aspirations of their own, a home to be maintained, a dog, and kids to take care of and finish it off with the pandemic where no outside help can be hired. …

I am definitely not talking about the Resilience of your code. But the biggest mental muscle that defines the difference between failure and success.

Resilience is also a very personal definition. Resilience has a very different context and behavior for a doctor versus a sports professional. …

If you have not watched this TED talk from Adam Grant, you are generally going to love it OR ignore it. I ended up on the side of loving it as - I am a Giver.

A Person Helping another climber up the mountain.

Now that led me to think about the other part of the conversation. How…


Software Programmer, who loves to Cook and play with the Dog.

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